E-Bbc M. 454

Updated on 16/08/2020
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Spain, Barcelona, Biblioteca de Catalunya, M. 454
Short description
Choirbook, manuscript on paper, probably copied in Barcelona, first quarter of the 16th century.
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Also known as Cancionero Musical de Barcelona, and Cançoner de Barcelona.

Ros-Fábregas, Emilio, “Manuscripts of Polyphony from the Time of Isabel and Ferdinand”, in Companion to Music in the Age of the Catholic Monarchs, ed. by Tess Knighton (Leiden, Boston: Brill, 2017) pp. 404-68, pp. 404-68
Ros-Fábregas, Emilio, “The Manuscript Barcelona, Biblioteca de Catalunya, M. 454: Study and Edition in the Context of the Iberian and Continental Manuscript Traditions” (unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, The City University of New York, 1992)