Peñalosa, Francisco de

Updated on 15/12/2020
Other names
Penhalosa, Penyalosa, Penyalossa, Penalosa, P.losa
first doc. 1498-d. 1528

Born in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo), Peñalosa entered the Aragonese Royal Chapel as a singer and chaplain to King Ferdinand II of Aragon in 1498. From 1511 he also became the master of music of the Infante Ferdinand (the king’s grandson). After the death of the monarch in 1516, he was called to the Papal Chapel as a singer and became one of the musici segreti of Pope Leo X (1517-1521). He combined these positions with a prebend as a canon at Seville Cathedral from 1505, which he held mostly in absentia. This caused continuous friction with the cathedral’s chapter, sometimes mitigated by the various interventions of both King Ferdinand and Pope Leo X. In 1518 he obtained the very prestigious dignity of the Archdeaconry of Carmona at Seville Cathedral, which he consolidated in 1522 after settling definitively in the city until his death in 1528. 

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