Memorare piissima

Updated on 18/08/2021
Reference source
Musical parameters
Voices Mensuration Clefs Signature Final
e c2c3c4f4 -
J. P. d'Alvarenga

This motet has two concurrent versions involving a significant variant on bars 68-70 (versions labelled II and IV in Hardie 1983; see also Alvarenga 2019). One of these two versions is transmitted by manuscripts P-Cug MM 12, MM 32, and E-Tc Cód. B. 21, and can be seen in the editions by Imrie and Stevenson; the other one appears in the remaining four sources of this piece. Despite the conflicting attribution, authorship by Escobar is generally acknowledged.

Other modern editions
Alvarenga, João Pedro d’, “On the Transmission of Iberian Polyphonic Music in the Early Decades of the Sixteenth Century: Some Philological Issues Revisited”, Portuguese Journal of Musicology, new series, 6/1 (2019), 5-28 <>, at 14-18
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