Ave Maria

Updated on 15/08/2020
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Musical parameters
Voices Mensuration Clefs Final
e c1c4c4f4
E. Rodríguez-García
Special musical devices

In the first section, 'Dominus tecum' is inserted thrice in the text, acting as a refrain. The second section is made out of a string of litany-like pleas to the Virgin using the formula 'ora pro nobis'.

The use of 'Dominus tecum' as a refrain also appears in the anonymous motet Gabriel angelus.

Other modern editions
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Rodríguez-García, Esperanza, “What Did the Composer Antonio de Ribera Learn from Alonso Pérez de Alba at Seville Cathedral? A New Look at Ribera’s Missa sine nomine and Devotional Motets”, Portuguese Journal of Musicology, new series, 6/1 (2019), 29-61 <http://rpm-ns.pt/index.php/rpm/article/view/367>
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