Peccavi Domine

Updated on 25/02/2020
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Peccavi domine super numerum arenae maris. Non sum dignus videre altitudinem caeli quia perverti vias meas et malum coram te feci.
Precor te domine ut transferas iniquitatem servi tui quia stulte egi nimis et malum coram te feci.
O bone Jesu, miserere mei.

The first paragraph is the respond of a Matins responsory for the Summer Sundays (Responsories from the Book of Kings), Cantus ID 007372, with two small differences from the common liturgical text, based on the apocryphal Prayer of Manasseh 1: 9 (first sentence), and Psalms 50: 6 (second sentence). The second paragraph comes from II Samuel 24: 10. The source reads 'estulte' for 'stulte'.

Rees, Owen, “The Coimbra Manuscripts and the ‘Spanish Court Repertory’: The Motet Peccavi domine”, in Musical Exchanges, 1100-1650: Iberian Connections, ed. by Manuel Pedro Ferreira, Iberian Early Music Studies, 2 (Kassel: Reichenberger, 2016) pp. 191-208, at pp. 195-96
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