O decus virgineum

Updated on 19/08/2020
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Musical parameters
Voices Mensuration Clefs Final
e c1c3c4f3
E. Rodríguez-García

Because of its style, position among other motets by Francisco de Peñalosa in E-TZ 2/3, and later attributions in inventories of Tarazona Cathedral, the piece has been sometimes attributed to Peñalosa. However, the attribution pattern of the manuscript seems to suggest otherwise.

Other modern editions
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Rodríguez-García, Esperanza, “Tarazona 2/3, Francisco de Peñalosa, and a ‘Dis-attributed’ Credo: New Light on the Origins of the Manuscript”, in The Anatomy of Iberian Polyphony around 1500, ed. by Esperanza Rodríguez-García and João Pedro d’Alvarenga, Iberian Early Music Studies, 5 (Kassel: Reichenberger, 2021) pp. 190-226
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